Health and Wellness Tips to Help You Live Your Best Life

  • “Mummy, is this healthy?”

    How do you talk to your child about food? Children are constantly observing the world around them and are so sensitive to the way we talk about our bodies, and the food that we eat. Here's some food for thought (pun intended), for how you handle your children's mealtimes.
  • Wellness Myths #1

    Is pink himalayan salt 'healthier' than regular table salt? Do probiotics boost mood, immune system or overall wellness? Are 'natural' sugars healthier for you than regular sugar? Do I really need to detox with a juice cleanse? Are microwaves really that bad for you? Some top wellness myths debunked.
  • Italian Salad with Ranch Dressing

    Create a beautiful, nourishing, rainbow salad that will last you a few days in the fridge. Perfect for any healthy-eating resolutions! Served with a healthy ranch dressing, boosted with dōTERRA's zingy lime and lemon, this salad can be served up in so many different ways.
  • My 2018 Health and Wellness Goal

    Are you the type of person who likes to create new goals each year? I am definitely not one of those people. Why? Because I never end up sticking t...
  • Mindfulness for Busy Mums

    As a busy mum, I find it really challenging to practice mindfulness. I'm sharing a few ways I practice mindfulness in my hectic life. It's not easy, it's not perfect but it is a starting place. Hopefully, you can start to use these techniques in your life to help keep you more grounded. Use dōTERRA essential oils to stay grounded, mindful and whilst meditating.
  • Is Health Coaching For Me?

    Wellness is a journey and I am continually learning to become the best version of myself. DISCLAIMER: I am not perfect but studying to be a coach has opened my eyes to know that perfection is unattainable. 

    Ah bugger, did I burst your bubble? Did you want to lose that pesky 10kg in a week? Then become the happiest person ever?! Sorry babe, not gonna happen...

  • Kaolin Turmeric Mask

    DIY kaolin clay, honey and turmeric mask to rewind the years (or maybe just the weekend drinks)...
  • Spring-Cleaning Campaign Recipes

    Are you looking for some "tried and tested" natural cleaning recipes? Here are my picks - super simple to make and actually do the job.