Is Health Coaching For Me?

You might roll your eyes when you read the words "health coaching". As you trawl through social media, it may seem like every dog and their owners have become health coaches.

At least that's what I thought when I was searching for my "next step". BUT, I knew that I absolutely wanted a change in my life, and that the best part of my boring job in sales was being able to work with clients. I just wanted to help others in a more meaningful way.

I was (and still very much am) going through my own health journey. I'm not exactly what you'd call a #fitnessfreak, I battle personal struggles with eating, body image and mental health. However, health coaching from a holistic perspective really spoke to me as it focuses on giving a person the tools to create change for themselves.


The school I have chosen to study with (Cadence Health) has a fantastic philosophy on nutrition and health coaching, emphasising a non-diet approach to healthy eating and instead encouraging lifestyle changes which are best suited to the client.

I really wanted to help empower others to make the changes they so badly needed in their own lives but more importantly, I wanted to learn how to apply these principals to myself. To me it was extremely important to know that I had the power to create change from within, that I could actually eff-in do it! Then taking this knowledge to confidently empower clients to reveal their solutions, co-creating an ideal future self together. 

Wellness is a journey and I am continually learning to become the best version of myself. DISCLAIMER: I am not perfect but studying to be a coach has opened my eyes to know that perfection is unattainable. 

Wellness is a journey

Ah bugger, did I burst your bubble? Did you want to lose that pesky 10kg in a week? Then become the happiest person ever?! Sorry babe, not gonna happen...

Why do I think this? Because perfection means that at some point we reach our goals and then stop. Whereas, I truly believe that we should always be striving for progression. Smashing those goals and then creating new ones for yourself.

If your goal is to lose that 10kg, then firstly, you're not going to do it in a week unless you have a limb chopped off.

But what does that 10kg REALLY mean to you? Is it years of struggling with confidence as you never really felt comfortable in your own clothes? Is it that you've developed a negative coping mechanism in the form of eating your feelings?

That 10kg might come off if you put in the work (eat healthy, move, sleep well...) BUT the underlying issue(s) as to how that stubborn bastard got there in the first place will come back to haunt you if you don't keep working to fight them demons (think Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead).

And that, my friends, is why I don't think perfection exists. But what if your goal really is to lose 10kg? Great, let's try to do it!

But I want you to understand, that weight is just a number and once you get there, I'm going to make you put on your big girl panties and go deeper. What's your next play? Where do we go from here?

Because 10kg... is just one step in the staircase to true health. It's just one teeny tiny part of it...

So, my passion is to really help clients dig deep. To help them understand their 'why'. To push them - in a nice, friendly way - to their best. All in a totally judgement-free zone.

If you're looking for some support on your health goals and really don't know where to start but "all of the above" sounded great to you... then get in touch with me for a discovery session. 





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