Mindfulness for Busy Mums


It's being bandied about left, right and centre.


As a mum, I find it fu%*ing hard to be mindful in every part of my day.

When I'm screaming at my kids to play nicely, am I being mindful? No.

When I'm nappies for the 3rd time that day, am I being mindful? No.

When my partner takes a call whilst I'm making dinner for the day and the kids are being crazy, am I being mindful? Fu#* no - I'm cursing under my breath!

So... how can you add mindfulness in your life (if it looks anything like mine)?

The truth is, I am NOT waking up at 5 AM to do all my things before the rest of the house wakes up.

To be honest, I am not really a morning person, most of my mindfulness happens at the end of the day when everyone else is asleep.

But... it does happen!

Here are some of the ways I like to practice mindfulness around my schedule:

  1. Practice gratitude - at the end of the day, list all of the things that made you happy, that made you smile. You can do this when you're folding the washing (I know, crazy idea), or if you're like me, I list these in my head as I try to fall asleep. I find it really soothing and gives me a great energy to end my day with.

  2. Reading - whilst this may not sound like 'mindfulness', enjoying a book and really getting lost in it is a great and easy way to practice. Make sure your atmosphere is still and quiet, perhaps light a candle, get yourself comfortable. Then? Allow yourself to get lost in the moment.

  3. Journalling - one of my favourites! A great way to reflect changes in your life, understand your current emotions. It's honestly such a great way to get lost in yourself! There are lots of great prompts on the internet to get you started. The best thing? It's judgement free! Pour all your thoughts out onto paper and give your mind some space.

  4. Meditation - ok, this one had to make an appearance! BUT... I do this when I'm in bed. I pop my AirPods in, and select the meditation I want to listen to. I've been listening a lot to meditation on the Getting into the Vortex app from Esther and Jerry Hicks. I lay still and focus on the breath, I don't pay attention too much to the words. You can start with 5 minutes. This practice helps me quiet my mind, prepare for sleep and honour myself.

  5. Active listening - this one is difficult. It means to be still and listen to the person who is talking, without making judgements, thoughts or responses. It's a good one to practice with your children (and your partner)!

  6. Oils - yes! I had to add this in here. Why? Because it's actually an amazing way to practice mindfulness. Sometimes, it's not of my choice! I like to use roller oils at the beginning of my day and reapply when I remember as the day goes on. BUT... sometimes, I'll be caught unawares by a whiff... and that will bring me back into focussing in the moment. It truly is a powerful way to stay present. My favourite at the moment? Magnolia. And if I'm actively meditating? Past Tense.

What are the rituals you practice?

Book in a discovery session with me today to see how you could be adding more quiet moments in your life.

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