Spring-Cleaning Campaign Recipes

Wednesdays are my day at home with the kids, I usually take my eldest to her swimming lessons in the morning. It's also a good day to do all the *home admins* including the shops, cleaning and that dreaded laundry mountain!

Yesterday, little miss wasn't feeling well so missed out on her swimming but I utilised the time to launch my spring-cleaning campaign. 

I have been feeling overwhelmed by all the "stuff" we have accumulated - even though it's nowhere near as bad as what I think: in my mind the situation is like an episode of Hoarders. So, I took the liberty of going through ALL the kids' crap (there was a sh&* load) and was able to test run some natural cleaning recipes.


Here is a collection of my fave cleaning recipes from around the internet:

The spring-cleaning campaign is still a WIP but it was a success and we have several bags of stuff to go to donations (St Kilda Mums for all the kids' stuff). Laundry mountain has been conquered but feel like I deserve a bottle o' vino for my efforts!


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