A 1:1 health and wellness coaching session could change your life!

Book in your 1:1 pro-bono coaching session today to start your journey to wellness.

This is for you if you want to achieve balance in your life, you'd like support sticking to your goals, or if you know that you are not living life as the best version of yourself.

As a student health coach, these sessions are free, but that doesn't mean that they are not conducted in a professional manner. 

Why offer pro-bono sessions?

So that I can practice and develop my skills as a health and wellness coach, grow my network, and receive valuable feedback.

As a client, why should I start with pro-bono sessions?

This is a great way to start your health and wellness coaching journey. You will receive coaching sessions in a judgement-free environment, and the sessions will help you put in place the tools and techniques to achieve your goals.

Book in today to start your wellness journey - each session is fully customised to your needs.

What's not to love?