About Me


Just kidding… but that was legitimately how my ‘health’ journey started to spiral. Never thinking that I was good enough as I was, always searching for the next diet, to become skinnier. Looking back, I can honestly say that I have been on every diet: lemon water and cayenne pepper (because Bey was doing it), juice cleanses, paleo, vegetarian, tuna and rice.

Cue two kids later, in a job that I absolutely was not enjoying, my self-hatred really spun out of control. I started to doubt all the choices I was making, and I picked myself apart - it was incredibly hurtful for myself to be stuck in that mindset.

Whilst I stayed in the job, I decided to start studying health coaching to try and understand a little more about myself. I’ll be honest, I really wanted to know the *secret* to losing those last 10kg!

However, instead of finding the secret, I found that I absolutely loved studying and it was great to learn about health from a holistic point of view. In one of my favourite units, nutrition psychology, there was a small little paragraph that discussed Intuitive Eating and the Health at Every Size movement. Something about it really struck out at me: that diets didn’t work and instead of focusing on losing weight, we should be trusting our body cues instead.


Dieting was causing me SO MUCH SELF-HATRED. It is absolutely still a constant work in progress. But guess what? When you’ve been conditioned for so long to believe that the only women who are beautiful, thin, tall, blonde and white? It takes a minute to unlearn that and you really have to be ok with that. To stand in your own amazing-ness!

As a mother to a young daughter, this was absolutely key. What messages was I sending her? What was she learning from my actions and behaviours? Knowing that one day, she would be old enough to understand how I was treating myself and that may influence her to hate her own body? That was a wake up call.

I’m now a Certified Health coach who understands that it’s not easy living up to Instagram’s health ideals. I understand how hard it is to change a mindset and to really work on self-love. I absolutely understand how freakin’ difficult it is to juggle motherhood and self-care. How about managing a career on top of that? Or you know, just managing a career - full stop? I get it. Being a woman these days? There’s a lot of pressure to be airbrush perfect. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can make peace with yourself. And your body. Create your own definition of health and happiness.

Sound good to you? Learn more about how health coaching could help you.

I completed my health coaching certification with Cadence Health here in Australia. I am furthering my knowledge on the area of nutrition, currently studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences part-time, majoring in Nutrition and Exercise Science with Deakin University.

Previous to my wellness journey, I learned how to create my own skincare with Formula Botanica. As a self-confessed skincare nerd, I really wanted to know how to make my own basic products and make them functional. Now, I make skincare for fun and for family.